Worth the Fight

What is worth fighting for? Ignorance & Apathy are both major topics to be dealt with in our lives as business builders with LifeVantage. Ignorance can be remedied by education, but apathy is a serious problem. People have lost hope, and some of them don’t even know why. Hopelessness plagues our country, and there is absolutely a way to fight that belief.

After being called to a challenge by a business partner, I really started thinking about my belief. What do I believe in strongly enough to get out there and fight for it?

In our business, we are constantly faced with people who do not understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, or how we’re doing it (ignorance). We are taking a big leap of faith this year, and bringing Will home from work in order to focus his efforts on our business. Having a home based business will mean TIME freedom, and FINANCIAL freedom. Would you rather go to work every day to make someone else rich, or make yourself rich? I don’t even like to say “rich” because that is so vain and insignificant. We just want to be healthy, happy, and live a life of purpose. Help others who are stuck in a rut of apathy, believing they have to commit to the daily grind for 40-50 years, without any other options. That is not a way to live. And, I believe that LifeVantage is the answer to so many people’s financial AND health problems, and that is why we do what we do. There is nothing more valuable than your health, and time spent with the people you love. SO, why not work every day for those two things, rather than grinding away and dreaming thoughts of happiness outside your career. It just isn’t worth it.





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