New Beginnings – To Health, Wealth, and Purpose!

I have struggled with weight and food since…I can’t remember NOT struggling with weight and food. So, that’s a long time. I came from a very athletic background – not as intense as some, but definitely more than most. I was in a dance class/rehearsal for 3-4 hours a night on week nights, and all day on Saturdays, plus I played tennis and golf, and was always outside riding my bike, rollerblading, swimming, etc. So, I never worried about what I ate as a kid, but I DID NOT have healthy habits back then, which translated into my adult life bad habits. I would grab a Big Mac on my way into ballet class, and the staple meal at my parents home for dinner was NY Strip, a baked potato and a veggie. Now, that isn’t a bad dinner, but I definitely wasn’t thin, even with all of that activity.

I remember my dance teacher telling me that I needed to lose weight, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to try some sort of quick 3 day diet before a performance in order to look better on stage.

In college, once my lifestyle changed dramatically, I gained 40 pounds in one semester. I was no longer active. I ate extremely poorly, and was introduced to the world of binge drinking and partying NON-STOP. So, bad health habits went to worse health habits. It was around this time that I started smoking cigarettes too.

There have been a few shining moments over the past 10 years where I’ve quit smoking, lost weight, become fit…but over all, I have been very unhealthy and need to get it under control.

Three years ago I was introduced to a product called Protandim which reduces oxidative stress by at least 40% in 30 days – in everyone. It is proven that oxidative stress is a factor and leads to almost all diseases. So, I’ve been taking this product for three years, and I am so thankful that I have. Now, as I get healthy and fit, I know that I already have something so healthy going into my body. Now once I become healthy and fit, this will only add to my ability to be healthy for longer in my life!

I made a decision to stop smoking, and start caring about what I eat. You are what you eat, right? If I’m eating Taco Bell, Wendy’s and McDonald’s on a daily basis, I can’t imagine what my body is dealing with…even with Protandim as a catalyst to oxidative stress & disease. So, no more. I am not saying that I won’t ever enjoy some of my “cheat” foods. Pizza is something I LOVE! So, I’ll just make it a treat that I have on occasion.

I’m #day2 into a Clease/Detox diet that lasts 3 days. I have been extremely hungry, but I do feel good. I feel like I’m putting food in my body with nutrients, rather than just stuffing it with things that curb the cravings. And, I’m two days into being without cigarettes. I have an e-cigarette that I’m using, but it has very low nicotine in it, and I will eventually move to no nicotine. So, I’m pretty proud of myself. I feel good, and I will start another portion of this diet/detox on Monday.

The hardest part is that my husband isn’t participating in the diet. That’s his choice, and he would never make it. He will be eating better with me over the next month, but he has to do it his way. So, when I am starving, and he’s eating a Subway Sub, it makes things difficult. But, it will all be good in the end.

Another major change in this new year: Will (husband) is taking on our business, LifeVantage, full time. His last day at his corporate job was Dec 30th, and we are so excited to put our full focus and energy into something that matters. The corporate world takes your time freedom and pays you what they think you’re worth. In this case, we work to help others live with purpose, and get paid on our own efforts. We work to be debt free and time rich! That is the goal! We are so excited about what 2015 will bring! So much can happen in one year!

2015 will be challenging, but SO worth it! I cannot wait to see where we are at this time next year! Goals and resolutions only work if there is daily action toward them. This is my goal for the year…to remind myself of what I want – every single day, and do something – small or large – to get one step closer to it. Dream Big!


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