Fired Up with a Purpose!

2015 is all about PURPOSE for me. I had a business partner challenge me to pick one word to focus on throughout the year, and purpose is what I chose.

The company we work with, called LifeVantage (NASDAQ: LFVN) is all about purpose. Our purpose is to share something incredible with the world. The scientifically validated products the company offers give people the gift of health and well being, while being in a category all of their own. No other products in the world have the ability to do what this does! AND, LifeVantage offers people a way to change their lives financially. Who wants to work a job for 40-50 years so that they can retire with 40-50% of the income they could barely survive on in the first place. Not me. I remember looking around my office a couple years ago and having a ‘light bulb’ moment – I can’t do this for another 40 years. It just isn’t my purpose. I know God has bigger and better plans for my life.

My favorite scripture has always been Jeremiah 29:11. He has a plan for my life. And it’s a good plan. And it’s to help people. To be a leader. And that’s what 2015 is all about, for me.

I will share LifeVantage with the world so that other people who want something better out of life can have it! Better health, better financial stability, better time freedom. It’s available to those who want it.


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