Top 10 places on my Travel “to do” list…

Most everyone likes to travel. I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places as a kid, and young adult. Places like Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Scotland, and many spots in the U.S. But, there are many more locations that I’m dying to experience. In no particular order. Advertisements

My Story

Growing up in Florida, I remember knowing what Network Marketing was from a very young age. I guess that’s rare. But, my family knew a couple very successful families who made their living through a Network Marketing business. I didn’t know how they made money in the industry, but I knew it existed. In college, while… Continue reading My Story

Fill Your Cup

We just returned from an absolutely incredible business event in Nashville, TN. These are some of the highlights. I’m so overwhelmed and excited that it’s difficult to express in words. When you have something SO incredible sitting in your lap….you have an obligation to share it with the world.   My husband (on the right)… Continue reading Fill Your Cup