Fill Your Cup

We just returned from an absolutely incredible business event in Nashville, TN. These are some of the highlights. I’m so overwhelmed and excited that it’s difficult to express in words. When you have something SO incredible sitting in your lap….you have an obligation to share it with the world.   My husband (on the right)… Continue reading Fill Your Cup

The Traveler’s Gift – Andy Andrews, Part 2

3. I am a person of action – David visits the Civil War, and hears this “David Ponder, I say to you now that this is the first time in history that men have fought to set another man free. Most of us Maine boys have never even seen black skin on a man, but… Continue reading The Traveler’s Gift – Andy Andrews, Part 2

5 Attributes of a Confident Person

From my devotion titled Live a Better Story. “God has made you … well … you. And He wants to use you for great things. You just need to have the confidence. Here are five attributes of a confident person. They believe in themselves. They talk with authority. They look people in the eyes. They… Continue reading 5 Attributes of a Confident Person

Coincidence….or no?

My morning routine involves a large cup of hot lemon water, my devotional bible, and my bible app. Oh, and a tiny poodle who snuggles on my lap while I read. Today’s devotions were too perfect and they were all the same. That never happens. I opened my devotional bible to today’s reading on HOPE,… Continue reading Coincidence….or no?

The Traveler’s Gift – Andy Andrews Pt 1

Decisions for Success 1. The Buck Stops Here – I am responsible for my own future. “Today I will begin the process of changing where I am – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially – by changing the way I think” “I will never seek comfort by associating with those who have decided to be… Continue reading The Traveler’s Gift – Andy Andrews Pt 1


At what point did the world crush all the dreamers, believers, inventors, creators, and people who think outside the box? When did people begin settling for the hum-drum monotony of this life? How many people do you know who dislike their jobs, and are making barely enough money to live? Seriously, how many? I could… Continue reading Dreamers