Fired Up with a Purpose!

2015 is all about PURPOSE for me. I had a business partner challenge me to pick one word to focus on throughout the year, and purpose is what I chose. The company we work with, called LifeVantage (NASDAQ: LFVN) is all about purpose. Our purpose is to share something incredible with the world. The scientifically… Continue reading Fired Up with a Purpose!

New Beginnings – To Health, Wealth, and Purpose!

I have struggled with weight and food since…I can’t remember NOT struggling with weight and food. So, that’s a long time. I came from a very athletic background – not as intense as some, but definitely more than most. I was in a dance class/rehearsal for 3-4 hours a night on week nights, and all… Continue reading New Beginnings – To Health, Wealth, and Purpose!

Worth the Fight

What is worth fighting for? Ignorance & Apathy are both major topics to be dealt with in our lives as business builders with LifeVantage. Ignorance can be remedied by education, but apathy is a serious problem. People have lost hope, and some of them don’t even know why. Hopelessness plagues our country, and there is… Continue reading Worth the Fight

Ambitious Woman

Do you know what you stand for? Do you strive to do the right thing, even when no one is looking? Do you live by your values? Are your values consistent in your everyday life? Are you at peace with yourself? I’m finishing this book called The Ambitious Woman by Esther Spina¬†and I feel pretty… Continue reading Ambitious Woman